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The French Revolution, Versailles, France.

The Renaissance, Florence, Italy. 

The Trojan Horse, Ancient Greece.

All images are property of DreamWorks Animation.

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BLAST from the Past concept art by calumalexanderwatt

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New tutorial is live. :)


Glaurung, Father of Dragons and his orc host :)

"What has become of me?" it thought.



:: Morning - Perry Dixon Maple

Hey everyone! I wanted to share this new painting with you for Björn. Morning inside the cockpit of Ásta’s ship.  


trees  and rocks and trees and rocks

The Last Sentai Standing

This image portrays a sentai warrior in his fight against a race of mystical beings. 

Beings heavily armed with high powered weapons forged in magic seeking to 
annihilating mankind and conquering his planet. The sentai warrior, armed only with combat skills, 
courage and the determination to protect his homeworld, will fight until his last breath.


My early visual development for Frozen. In this version the Snow Queen (a diva) was frozen when we met her. This is research for what that would have looked like.

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