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Tony Redmer

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Noah Bradley


Britney Winthrope

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Concept art done for Gameloft’s Dungeon Gems.


"Alien" concept art by Ron Cobb

Mirrors Edge by Abe Taraky

Abe Taraky Blog

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Different concepts of Zhaitan


Astrid costume variation.

Channeling my inner Alexander Mc. Queen with all the fur and skulls.  Had too much fun with these.  I love designing costumes.  It makes me feel like a little girl playing doll but in a much cooler way.   

I’m writing tomorrow’s tuesday tips of my process on costume design.  Stay tuned.



A woman’s hair is her crown and glory.  Hair style is very important.  It tells a lot about your personality — Are you playful?  High maintenance?  Easy going?  Age?  What time period you belong?  Your taste?  …etc.

In HTTYD2, POV asked me to restyle Astrid’s hair.  The challenge was to stay true to Nico’s design but make it look different.  So it’s definitely tricky to make it interesting, still feels like her but slightly older while keeping it sophisticated and feminine.  Some of her earlier hair design has 2 side braids, which makes her looks very young.  So, I know right away I want to give her a single side braid.  I’m such a huge fan of side braids; and when I got the assignments, messy side braids just happened to be everywhere in runways and magazines. 

These are the final 3 hair design.  I’ll post some of the earlier concept later.



The Entomber by Gorrem