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Attempt to create some new form of alien life. 

"What has become of me?" it thought.

Live Action PATLABOR

Massive Black workshop demo from Fri, some sort of live action take on PATLABOR, one of my favorite animes…… can’t go wrong with old Mamoru Oshii! :)
3D blockout in ZBrush + Photoshop paintover. Keen to do a few more shots if i get time, take more time planning/modelling/finishing than i had time to in the demo, would have liked to group all the pieces on the model to get better base material render out of Keyshot to paintover in PS instead of just all grey that i started with here. Everything came down to the wire and ran out of time but was fun stuff regardless, glad everyone had a good time, will figure out a way to get the files to everyone that attended the workshop. Look forward to the next one! :)

Humanoid utility robot chassis, like a more developed Boston Dynamics ‘Petman’ type robot that could be used for the military.

More info here.

Thick skinned alien

Altered Carbon

Exposed Braincase