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Infinite Crisis - High Seas Gaslight Catwoman by Gorrem

I was part of the concept art team for WB Turbine’s Infinite Crisis. This included making funky redesigns of classic characters in alternate realities as brand new playable characters or as skins. I was also adjusting classic designs to fit in our game style, which was often about pushing shapes to be more visible or simplifying busy areas. Often these are also used to help convince WB that Turbine had a competent grasp of their IP. I also had input on how their abilities would look like in game with effects concepts.

Another skin I did for IC that I didn’t hate. Some backstory; this is a skin for Gaslight Catwoman, which is Catwoman from like, a Steampunk universe. She uses steam-powered claws and boots, or something. I don’t draw a lot of steampunk stuff in my own time, but I knew I wanted to do something Asian-inspired since I see far less Asian steampunk, and Asian pirates are bad-ass.


An interpretation of Cerberus from Greek myth.

Devon Cady-Lee.

"Warrior" by Hugo Cuellar


those days i’ve been trying to paint differently

alexandre diboine

Danny Gardner.

- Benjamin Bach

Handpainted Vis-dev by foxibiri

John Park

John Park

Steven Messing


Steven Messing

Matias Murad