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The Last Whisper

Noah Bradley

Mar Shamshir by Abe Taraky

"She is Our Desire.

Our purpose, burden, passion and desire,
To great heights ascend and knowledge acquire.
In blindness we madly run to her fire.
To this futile end, we shall never tire.

Never to stop, never to find our peace.
Passing by joy, our goal never to cease.”

Noah Bradley

Banu ship concept for Star Citizen. Emmanuel Shiu

Noah Bradley

Mirrors Edge by Abe Taraky

Abe Taraky Blog

"Warrior" by Hugo Cuellar

- Benjamin Bach

Handpainted Vis-dev by foxibiri


Personal work. About 3 hours.

Vincent Coviello

Here is a painting I did last year for the recently released Amazing Spider-Man 2 title.

Carnage by Abe Taraky

Flagship © Emrah Elmasli - 2014